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Roasts for a Cause

We have partnered with various organizations both on and off-campus to create roasts that not only support our direct trade partnerships, but also support causes relevant to the needs of our community, partners, and world. This year we have different roasts for a cause in various stages of development. Currently available online and in-store is Black Magic Coffee - a collaboration with NCC's Black Student Association. More roasts will soon be available. $5 of your purchase will go back in supporting these causes and their initiatives.

Coming Soon!

We are excited to launch our next three Roasts for a Cause very soon. Below are mock drafts of the labels. Stay tuned for more details and the opportunity to purchase online. GREEN BREAN now AVAILABLE!

Polos blend 2-2.png

Named for our beloved driver during our many trips to Guatemala who passed away from Covid-19, a portion of the proceeds from every bag of Polo's Blend goes towards funding home health care kits for Guatemalan households in Polo's community that have to care for Covid stricken family members in their homes.


NOW AVAILABLE! A portion of every bag of Green Bean supports initiatives led by NCC's student organization, Green Scene. Green Scene is dedicated to environmental education. Members of the student group help in educating the student population about current sustainability initiatives and aid in developing and supporting new campus initiatives. 

Cardinal Hope & Help 2-2.png

Available soon, proceeds from the Cardinal Hope & Help blend go towards supporting Cardinal Operation Hope and Help which is an initiative intended to increase student success, both inside and outside the classroom, by providing emergency financial support for students with basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation and educational supplies. 

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