Chocolatería Doña Pancha  

Doña Pancha is a family owned and operated chocolate producer located four hours south of San Lucas Tolimán. The owner, Mirna, is a sixth-generation female entrepreneur who has made great strides in expanding her business. Specializing in the traditional forms of creating drinking chocolate as well as the preparation of many chocolate candies, Mirna provides a connection to her roots. Relying on family recipes and techniques, she has built her reputation and is now recognized around the region as a premier chocolate producer in Guatemala. 

Mirna sources her cacao beans from local farmers in her region, paying them a fair wage to ensure that they may continue their operations. Seeing the honesty and transparency that Mirna displayed in this situation gave us confidence in partnering with Doña Pancha, allowing us to do the same for her. Partnering with Mirna has allowed us to add to the successes of her business, but contribute to creating a more stable community around her.  

Our Products:

Candy Bars

Hot Chocolate Bars


Chocolate Fondue

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